Tobias Erdle's Blog

Writes mostly about Java, Jakarta EE and software development in general. All views are my own.

Github: erdlet | E-Mail: blog (at) erdlet (punkt) de

About me

Hi, I'm Tobias and I'm a software developer located in south germany. Most time of my carreer I've worked on Java based applications, but in the meantime I had a short excursion to the SAP universe. Software development is my passion and I love creating usable and helpful products with high quality. In my spare time I contribute to different Open Source projects and try to spend as much time as possible with my family.

Some Open Source engagements

These are some Open Source projects where I am / was participating.

Eclipse Krazo

Since 2019 I'm involved in Eclipse Krazo, the Jakarta MVC reference implementation. I started as contributor and got elected as a Commiter in late 2019. I have voluntarily withdrawn as Committer in Juli 2023.

GitHub Link to Eclipse Krazo

Jakarta MVC

Besides working on the reference implementation Eclipse Krazo, I'm also participating in the development of Jakarta MVC, the associated specification. Most contributions to this project were tutorials and documentation as well as some talks in german Java User Groups. Since 2021 I'm a Committer for this project too. I have voluntarily withdrawn as Committer in Juli 2023.

GitHub Link to Jakarta MVC


The mvc-toolbox is a collection of extensions for Jakarta MVC and Eclipse Krazo. Since a while I'm one of the project maintainers and add new features regularly.

GitHub Link to mvc-toolbox

During spring 2021 I couldn't find a good dashboard providing me the latest COVID seven day incidences. They were relevant for knowing which rules had to be followed in which county or town. Therefore I wrote a small webapp using latest Jakarta EE technology which read the API that was also utilized by the official RKI dashboard.

GitHub Link to covidboard


The project wants to help software developer and architects to think about specific aspects of their software architecture. I participated there a lot as writer for card descriptions and did some performance tuning on the website.

GitHub Link to cards42