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Goodbye Committer membership

Nearly five years ago I started to work as a Committer for Eclipse Krazo. Two years ago, I got elected as Committer for Jakarta MVC. Today was my last day in those roles.

In the last months, I recognized that the motivation to spend my rare spare time on Open Source projects decreased rapidly. Anyway, I just couldn't let those projects 'go' for a long time, because I did a lot of stuff for them. Sure, I could've just ignored the work that needs to be done and just 'silently retire', but this isn't me and I'm too dutiful to act like this. So the consequence was to retire completely and free myself from the duties of a Committer.

At this point, I'd really like to thank the people I worked with for the discussions, the things I was able to learn and the cool stuff we released. And a last, special thanks goes to Ivar Grimstad and Christian Kaltepoth who helped me a lot to become a Committer and provided always great feedback! It was a pleasure to work with you!